• SDS-3D350
  • SDS-3D350
  • SDS-3D350

Aluminum die cast housing and heat sink integrated Reliability, ip65 waterproof both outdoor and indoor flood light Lamp body rotation for 270° flexible installation, flood projecting and spot projecting performable Streamline nice shape Easy to inst

  • *: Aluminum


Product Description


* Perfect for parking lots, roadways, car dealerships, campuses, parks, and as a replacement for street lights and vapor
lamps—this LED shoebox area light shines brightly when reliability and performance are critical.
* This powerful, energy-efficient LED area light uses just 200 watts of power—comparable to a 750-watt HID fixture.
* Life expectancy that's 3 times as long as MH fixtures—the LED light reduces costly repairs and the need for replacements.
* The weatherproof die cast aluminum housing guards against damage done by harsh or wet weather conditions, and a removable cover
allows for easy access to the driver and mounting arm hardware.
* This LED area light is designed to slip-fit onto a round pole or can be used with one of several mounting options (sold
separately) for walls, ceilings, and on the sides of round or square poles.
* This LED area light is equipped with a constant-current driver and operates within a wide 100-277 VAC range.
* These led shoebox pole light have created a new standard for led parking lot lighting and area street light.


* Beam Angle: 120 degree, 90 degree
* Comparable Wattage: 750 Watts HID
* Power: 200W
* CRI : 80
* Current Draw : 1731 mA
* Efficacy: 130 lm/w
* Finish: Brown
* IP Rating: Weatherproof IP66
* LED Lifetime : 50000 Hours
* Lens Type: Polycarbonate
* Intensity: 26000 Lumen
* Material Aluminum
* Mount Type: Knuckle Mount
* Operating Temperature: -30~+50 °C
* Operating Voltage Range: 100~277 VAC
* Standards And Certifications: DLC Premium, RoHS Compliant, UL Listed

Safety and Super Bright

* One of the reasons to choose LED lights for parking lot is the safety. Parking lots that are not well lit can be dangerous for everyone. From violent crimes to unpredictable driving accidents, these can occur if the lot is not well lit. Having LED lights in your parking lot will make people feel safer. The intensity of the LED lights is high, making the parking lot safer and brighter. Along with this, it works great with CCTV. For example, if an accident occurs, the security video could capture the incident clearly.

Save Energy

* Built-in dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor automatically turns on at sundown/night and off at sunrise/daytime. The outdoor security
light can save 85% energy, reduce your electricity running cost, meanwhile bring a brighter, smarter and more sustainable

High Power Efficient

* Energy-efficient LED technology lowers energy usage. Emits over 26000lm for this led pole light
* Automatic protection for: short circuit, overload, over voltage, over current, high temperature. Protection type: Hiccup mode,
auto-recovery after fault condition is removed
r fault condition is removed

5000K Color Temperature

* The sun's color temperature is 5778K. Outdoor lighting is mostly oriented to a 5000K color temperature, which is considered the
closest to natural sunlight
* Another reasons for selecting LED lights is the higher quality and efficiency.
* These lights provide better Color Rendering Index rating.
* It will look more appealing from a distance and up close as well.
* This is because these never buzz or flicker. This makes them safer and more appealing to the eye as well.

Slip Fit Mount

* Slip Fit Mount LED Parking Lot Lights is the most common type of mount that slides over a standard light pole up to 2 3/8 inch.

* The head is adjustable, which makes it great mount type.
* It needs bolts to secure it to the pole.

Long Lifespan of 50000 Hours

* The LED lights offer lower energy and maintenance costs. Usually, the LED light have a useful life of 50,000 hours.
* This means that you will not have to replace them as often as HID lights.
* They are 50% more energy efficient allowing you to save thousands of dollars in energy cost.


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